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Challenged Material Policy


Criticisms of books or other material deemed objectionable shall be brought to the attention of the Building Principal in writing. The Building Principal will bring the objection to the Superintendent’s attention. The “ Reconsideration of Instructional Materials Request” form must be completed.

1. Once a request for reconsideration is made, it will be referred immediately to a committee comprised of the Building Principal, the Building librarian, and at least three staff members appointed by the Building Principal.

2. The committee will meet to consider the request. Before the committee makes its recommendation, the person requesting the reconsideration will be given an opportunity to address the committee.

3. The committee will submit a recommendation in writing to the Principal. The Principal will forward the report to the Superintendent.

4. The Superintendent will make his recommendation to the Board of Education based upon the above report and send copies of such to all parties involved.

5. Appeals of the initial decision can be made in writing through the office of the Superintendent to the Board of Education.