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Selection Policy



The Board of Education of the Sauquoit Valley Central School District, as governing body of the school district, is legally responsible for the selection of instructional materials. Since the Board is a policy making body, it delegates to the professional personnel of the district the authority for the selection of materials in accordance with this policy. The following principles shall guide the professional staff in the selection of instructional materials.


Materials selected will:

1. enrich and support the curriculum, taking into consideration the varied interests, abilities and maturity levels of the pupils.

2. stimulate growth in factual knowledge, literary appreciation, aesthetic values and ethical standards.

3. provide a background of information which enables pupils to make intelligent judgments in their daily lives and fosters attitudes which will carry into adult life.

4. present opposing sides of controversial issues so that students may develop under guidance the practice of critical reading, thinking and judgment.

5. be representative of the many ethnic and cultural groups and their contributions to our society.

6. be used to encourage the life-long skill of pursuit of knowledge and recreational reading.

7. be selected to provide a comprehensive collection appropriate for all students. Materials which may have educational significance for an individual student, may be recommended for individual use, remembering the maturity level of the child.

The value and impact of any instructional material will be judged as a whole, taking into account the author’s intent rather than the individual words, phrases or incidents out of which it is made.


Materials may be selected using reputable selection aids. The judgment of the professional staff must be respected as a valid source for selection.