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Web Development Policy

Sauquoit Valley School District Web Development Policy

The availability of Internet access in the Sauquoit Valley Central School provides an opportunity for students and staff to contribute to the School District's presence on the World Wide Web. The District's Web sites provide information to the world about school curriculum, instruction, school-authorized activities, and other general information relating to our District's mission. Creators of Web pages need to familiarize themselves with and adhere to the following policies and responsibilities.

Web Page Approval

The responsibility of filtering all of the information placed on the District’s web sites cannot be accomplished by a single person. Instead, it shall be the responsibility of several people to oversee that only work following the guidelines established in this document are placed on the District’s web site. The beginning link for this filtering system begins with the teacher who initially creates a web page. This teacher’s work will then be reviewed and evaluated by the building web master under the supervision of the building administrator.

Subject Matter

All subject matter on Web pages should relate to curriculum, instruction, school-authorized activities, general information that is appropriate and of interest to others, or it should relate to the School District, or the schools within the District. Staff or student work may be published only as it relates to a class project, course, or other school-related activity.


All Web page work must be free of spelling and grammatical errors. Documents may not contain objectionable material or link directly to objectionable material. Objectionable material is defined as material that does not meet the standards for instructional resources specified in District policies.

Student Safeguards

  1. Web page documents may include only the first name and the initial of the student's last name.
  2. Documents may not include a student's phone number, address, names of other family members, or names of friends.
  3. Published e-mail addresses are restricted to staff members or to a general group e-mail address where arriving e-mail is forwarded to a staff member.
  4. Decisions on publishing student pictures (video or still) and audio clips are based on the supervising teacher's judgment. The teacher must first check with the school office or the District office to determine if the student's parents/guardians have objected to such publication through the regular Data Privacy restriction process.
  5. Web page documents may not include any information which indicates the physical location of a student at a given time, other than attendance at a particular school, or participation in activities.

School Board Policies

All documents contained in the Sauquoit Valley Central School web site must conform to School Board Policies and regulations as well as established school guidelines. Copies of Board Policies are available in all school offices. Persons developing or maintaining Web documents are responsible for complying with these and other policies. Some of the relevant issues and related Board Policies include the following:

  1. Electronic transmission of materials is a form of copying. As specified in District Policy, no unlawful copies of copyrighted materials may be knowingly produced or transmitted via the District's equipment, including its Web server(s).
  2. Documents created for the Web and any links to web pages must meet the criteria established in the District Internet Acceptable Use Policy.
  3. Any student information communicated via the District Web pages will comply with Sauquoit Valley Central School policies on Data Privacy and Public Use of School Records.
  4. Any deliberate tampering with or misuse of District network services or equipment will be considered vandalism and will be handled in accordance with the District Internet Authorized Use Policy.

This document shall be updated as needed.