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Comprehensive School Counseling Plan

The vision of the Sauquoit Valley Counseling Department is to provide each student with a comprehensive school counseling program to ensure that all students become globally competitive citizens after their high school career. Through successful collaboration and consultation with community members, educators, and parents, student performance will be enhanced by addressing each individual’s academic, career, and personal/social needs.

The vision of our school-counseling department at Sauquoit Valley Elementary School is to attain a continuous collaboration of stakeholders that will empower the unification of our school’s resources. We envision a collaborative school-counseling program that ensures consensus among our school and community beliefs and values.

Our school-counseling program will provide equal opportunity for all students to achieve in the academic, career, and personal/social domains. Through intentional and data-driven programs, Sauquoit’s counselors will identify and infiltrate the essence and needs of all students. The school-counselors will utilize their professional expertise to deliver classroom guidance lessons, small-group responsive services, and individual counseling services aimed at providing all-encompassing support for Sauquoit Valley Elementary School.

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